Facciata esteriore del Palazzo Pontificio in Vaticano, che resta addosso al casino d'Innocenzo VIII dalla parte che guarda il Pomaro.
Publication details
[between 1720 and 1727]
Physical details
1 drawing : ink, wash and graphite ; sheet 41.6 x 55 cm
C-shaped fac_ade of the Belvedere of Innocent VIII in the Vatican Palace, with blind arches at the level of the foundations, two storeys of arches and plain windows flanked by pilasters above, and loggia and crenellations at the top.
Vatican City
Additional information
Bound in a volume consisting of ninety-one elevations of different parts of the Apostolic Palace, or Vatican Palace, as it was in the early decades of the eighteenth century, all probably by the same hand and numbered on verso. The two pages at the end of the volume contain a list of the courtyards in the palace with their plans and dimensions. For plans of the same building, see vols. 1-2 (Maps 75.k.1. and Maps 75.k.2.). For dating, see J. S. Ackerman, The Cortile del Belvedere, Citta_ del Vaticano, 1954, and H. H. Brummer, The Statue Court in the Vatican Belvedere, Stockholm, 1970. See also Rossana Nicolo_, 'Il Belvedere di Innocenzo VIII in Vaticano nei disegni del corpus Londinese K 75 1-3' in Universita_ di Roma, Quaderni dell'istituto di storia dell'architettura (nuova serie, fascicolo 54, 2010), pp. 21-30. 'Il Pomaro' mentioned in the title is probably the bronze sculpture of Hercules Pomarius, or Hercules holding the apple, found in the Forum Boarium in the fifteenth century (now in the Musei Capitolini). In the seventeenth century it might have been on display in the galleries facing the Cortile delle Statue, an octogonal courtyard into which the casino or belvedered of Innocent VIII was integrated.