A Representation of the Subterrenean Antient Stoves as discover'd 1727 in Bath where the Brass head was found near 16 feet below the surface of the street. / Priscilla Combe del.
Combe, Priscilla, artist.
Publication details
[after 1727]
Physical details
1 drawing : pen with black and brown ink and watercolour ; sheet 29.2 x 38.9 cm
A drawing of an oven found underground in the city of Bath; the oven vents to the left; ladders leaning against the excavation pit to the right. Inscribed with title in brown ink along upper edge. Extensively inscribed above image in brown ink. Inscribed 'Drawn and measured upon the place at Bath 20 Sept 1727 by Bernard Lens' in brown ink in the lower right-hand corner. Signed in brown ink 'Priscilla Combe del' in the lower right hand corner.
Bath & North East Somerset (England)
Additional information
This drawing by Priscilla Combe is a copy of a drawing by Bernard Lens III. The dates for Priscilla Combe remain unknown. Although it has been suggested that she was a pupil of Bernard Lens III, it is also possible that she simply copied his drawings. A drawing by Combe of a marble figure in Aylesbury Church is dated 1787 and is at Maps K.Top.8.4.1. This late date suggests Combe was more likely to be working in the second half of the eighteenth century rather than as an early pupil of Lens. A drawing by Combe after a publication from 1756 at Maps K.Top.13.101.c. is further evidence that she was working in the second half of the eighteenth century. The original drawing of the stoves by Lens is in the Bodleian Library, Oxford (Gough Maps 28, fol. 64 recto (item a)).
Other persons
Lens, Bernard, 1682-1740, artist.
Maps K.Top.37.26.o.